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The tranquil feudal hamlet of Wetter, Germany was an ideal place to fall in love. It was not acceptable in the 1920's for a Jewess and a Christian to conceive of building a life together. That was the case for Flora Hess and Fritz Kutsch. Their short-lived happiness, however was shattered by a new cruel reality. In fact, the entire community would be torn apart as Germans enslaved Germans. Separated only by religion, some neighbors became oppressors while others became the victims scarring Wetter for generations. Fast forward 70 years when the past and the present come face to face to reconcile the dismemberment of their once serene existence. A boy who once escaped the brutal reach of the Nazis would return to Wetter a man seeking resolution of the past.



Starring: Martina Kepper, Harry Weichsel

Directed By: Micah Brandt

Screenplay By: Frank Borres

Original Story By: Etai Bachenheimer-Nahary

Runs For: 80 minutes